Tile [OLD-2016]

Growing a Brand in a Growing Category

Our Opportunity


Tile is a compact Bluetooth tracker and app that helps you easily find your lost items. Not only does Tile help locate your lost item when it’s nearby, like your keys or cell phone—it also provides a lost and found community within the app. After a successful experience selling directly to consumers, Tile called upon Noise 13 to help develop a holistic retail customer experience. The goal was to translate the brand to a retail environment, as well as to develop a set of tools for the brand’s growth and expansion across new product lines.

Since January 2015, Noise 13 has collaborated with Tile across all core products, from packaging to POS displays, marketing materials, product naming, photography, content and all-around creative direction for the brand.

In 2017, Noise 13 worked closely with Tile to help them launch their new Pro Series product line. This included new product and product line naming, product packaging, POS and marketing visuals, and product and lifestyle photography.


Our Approach


As the company quickly grew and the family of products expanded, the Tile master brand needed an update and a stronger set of standards. The original logo, which was the same as the product design itself, helped establish Tile’s brand awareness and educate consumers about the product. Yet new product designs developed by Fuse Project drove the need for a new logo that could work well with any Tile product, no matter its form factor or design. By removing the Tile word from the shape and incorporating a subtle update to spacing, we were able to retain the strengths of the original logo and maintain brand awareness during the transition to the new product line.

We also created a system of custom icons that depict use cases for Tile devices, educating customers and encouraging them to try the full suite of products. Universal across all languages, the icon library can be used interchangeably on both print and digital applications.


Focusing on the user experience, we developed a custom retail and ecommerce packaging solution. Our goal was to create a balance between functionality and aesthetic that would feel elevated within each retail space. Because Tile is sold in packs ranging from 1-8 devices in multiple languages, we had to create a structure for retail that accommodated these variations while maintaining the same footprint. Through prototyping and careful consideration, we were able to produce an optimized box that streamlined production and maintained a consistent brand experience no matter how many Tiles a customer—whether American, European, or Canadian—wishes to purchase. As the Tile product family expanded, we continued to add to this experience with more premium packaging for their Pro Series of products, creating new packaging to fit within the current brand while feeling fresh and elevated.


To expand on Tile’s top down “I found it” photo style, we developed a library of images around how someone might use Tile devices. From location scouting and casting to art direction and styling, we crafted an aesthetic for new lifestyle imagery that is visually engaging. Clear stories communicate the benefits of owning a Tile, enhanced by warm textures and tones to emphasize a premium yet approachable quality. Close collaboration, both with the client and our photography partner Gamma Nine, allowed us to achieve a consistent and flexible collection of images that can be applied to many media types and sizes for Tile’s marketing.


Beyond packaging, we’ve collaborated with Tile on a myriad of other brand extensions, including in-store point of sale displays. To elevate Tile and set them apart from their competition, we focused the visuals and messaging around the relatable lifestyle benefits of using the devices. Warm, dark wood tones provide a sophisticated backdrop for use case photography, which can easily be moved around depending on the format of each separate piece.


The Outcome


Retail packaging may have kicked off our relationship with Tile, but it certainly isn’t the end. We continue to expand the brand, evolving a flexible system that stays true to the identity and ensures that it shines, regardless of application.

We admit, we’re human, and we lose stuff, too. When we took on this project with Tile, we were designing each item with consumers in mind, but also ourselves. As users of these great devices and app, we may lose our keys or our phone, but we never lose our cool!

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