Sôcôla Chocolatier

Building Fun and Flexible Packaging for Artisan Truffles

Our Opportunity


Sôcôla Chocolatier, an artisan truffle company based in San Francisco, approached us for a brand facelift and new packaging solution that would mirror its whimsical, playful personality. Armed with an impressive menu of delicately daring truffle flavors and an offbeat mascot (Harriet, the winged alpaca), we set about translating the Sôcôla sisters’ vision into a reality.


Our Approach


We began with a refresh to the Sôcôla logotype and color palette, adjusting both slightly for better legibility and balance. Next, we completely redrew Harriet, whose previous rendering was unclear and didn’t translate well at small sizes.


After tightening up the core brand elements, we created a flexible packaging suite that would work across multiple truffle flavors and box sizes. Along with pre-printed bands for the most popular flavors, we created a blank band with a separate circular label that could be printed on-demand for whatever new combinations the sisters dreamed up. Details such as stickers and petite menu inserts for each box rounded out the delicate yet whimsical Sôcôla experience.


In addition to the packaging, we also extended the new brand to print collateral such as business cards, shelf talkers, and a press kit.

Small local artisans are part of what makes SF such a lovely place to live. Delicious quality makes all of our lives better.

—Dava Guthmiller, Creative Director, Noise 13

The Outcome


In addition to routinely winning awards for their delectable truffles, Sôcôla Chocolatier has expanded their presence in other ways as well — in early 2014, they opened their first brick and mortar store in San Francisco’s SOMA district. With fun yet functional packaging that can grow with them, we know that Harriet and crew will only continue to fly to greater heights.

It’s no secret that we here at Noise 13 love chocolate … particularly chocolate that is crafted from high-quality ingredients in unexpected flavor combinations. We love to treat ourselves and others to Sôcôla’s indulgent goodies — they make our holiday gift guide nearly every year!

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