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Building a lifestyle canna-brand for women

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As recreational cannabis use made its way to legalization in January 2018, Noise 13 started getting requests from women who wanted more information about this emerging lifestyle industry. To meet this need, we began educating ourselves and networking with more female founders in the space. What we discovered further intrigued us, and we wanted to share what we were learning. We recognized a unique opportunity, and Revel & Rouse was born.

An online lifestyle magazine and shop, Revel & Rouse connects with both new and experienced cannabis consumers, providing education about the industry, the plant’s wellness factors, and consumption options. It explores cannabis culture with a feminine, not “girly”, appeal. The site is built around three primary offerings: fixed educational content, ongoing editorial content from a growing network of contributors, and a curated shop.

New cannabis consumers face complicated scientific information, stigmas about recreational use, misinformation about how our bodies react to cannabis, and opinions that are often politically charged. We needed to quickly become experts, so we partnered with a well-versed industry copywriter who helped us create informed content. We also partnered with greenRush, an ecommerce platform that connects cannabis consumers with local dispensaries.


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A platform for education and inspiration

Revel & Rouse launched in April 2018. Going forward, our goals are to keep growing our audience and contributor network, de-stigmatize cannabis use, and continue to expand our knowledge of the industry for our Noise 13 clients. Revel & Rouse is a true passion project for Noise 13.


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