Tailoring a Unique Health & Beauty Brand for a Discerning Audience

Our Opportunity


Based in San Francisco, Reorient creates artisanal herbal tonics that deliver a luxurious and nourishing treat for the body. Struggling to define her product in the market, founder Jess Ng approached us for help with brand strategy and creative direction, as well as extending the brand’s identity to new packaging and an ecommerce website.


Our Approach


Through early conversations with the client and competitive research, we discovered that the Reorient brand was not necessarily suited to the food and beverage market. Instead, the emphasis on “nourishment from the inside” meant a stronger association with the health and beauty sector. With this in mind, we gathered inspiration from many different sources, including apothecaries of China and Japan, as well as those in the West. Through brand and persona moodboards, we narrowed down to a clear visual direction: a touch of Eastern heritage with a modern, feminine sensibility.


To communicate the preciousness and delicacy of the product, we instinctively leaned toward illustration. We created a custom drawing to adorn the bottles and the website, inspired by both Chinese Suzhou embroidery and vintage botanical textbooks. The stem and leaves evoke the plants and herbs used to create the tonics without being specific to a particular ingredient.


Screenprinting the bottles not only adds to the premium feel of the packaging, but also its practicality — they are returnable and reusable. By placing only generic information on the bottles themselves, they are universal to all Reorient products; individual flavors and ingredients are contained entirely on the disposable paper tab.


A brand new ecommerce website retains the elegant feel of the packaging, accented by stunning product and ingredient photography. The client is able to manage her product offerings through an easy-to-use platform, as well as share photos and stories with her customers through a Pinterest-style blog.

(bottle photos by Madelene Farin Photography)

Noise 13 did a great job translating the essence of the orient into visuals that are modern, feminine, and true to our Eastern roots.

–Jessica Ng, Owner, Reorient

The Outcome


Through extensive market and visual research, we were able to deliver a sophisticated design solution for an exquisite and unique product. By taking the time to define the Reorient target audience, we created a package that fits right in on the shelves of boutique spas and resorts.

Founder Jess Ng is dedicated to bringing obscure, high-quality ingredients from around the world to a broader audience; this clear commitment to her product is something we identify with and are proud to support. We’re eager to spread the word about Reorient and see her customer base grow in the coming years.


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