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Our Opportunity


With so many devices at our fingertips, it’s easy to disengage with the world around us. That’s why we were intrigued and excited to help showcase Onyx, a wearable walkie talkie that lets you speak (hands-free!) to as many people as you want, in groups of your choice, no matter the distance. Powered by the Orion app, your phone stays in your pocket and your eyes stay off your screen. We dove head-first into packaging, followed by a complete website overhaul to help communicate the value of this innovative product.


Our Approach


With the device’s physical form influenced by the shape of the REMO tambourine and a brand story centered around the culture of live music, we explored different structural packaging options to bring this narrative into focus. The custom design of the box hints at the palpable experience of attending a live show. Its vertical proportions are reminiscent of old school microphones, its curved sleeve mimics the fall of a curtain, and graphic finishes such as iridescent foil and gritty photographic textures evoke the lights and smoke of a music venue. It is lively yet dramatic, simple yet multi-dimensional. The star of the show is the device, and the packaging makes sure to highlight, not hide, it.


The old Orion website was heavy and dark, with messaging targeted toward a more niche audience. With a freshly redesigned Onyx device about to make its debut, we knew the new website had to have broad appeal, be more visually approachable, and quickly communicate how the Onyx product and Orion app work together.


The new website blends a modern tech aesthetic with a distinctively human personality. Richly saturated reds and purples, cornerstones of the Onyx palette, warm up the cooler whites and grays. Large, people-focused photography draws viewers in and reinforces Onyx’s ability to help users stay in the present moment, while custom icons clearly communicate its features and benefits. The recurring use of circles ties back to the shape of the device itself, and adds a playful and unexpected touch, setting this wearable’s website apart from the others.

Working with Noise 13 enabled us to bring our brand and product to life in a beautiful website that expresses our ideals better than any of our past websites have. Their team worked diligently to understand our vision and worked patiently and professionally with us. We are very happy with the results and have received great reactions and feedback to our new site.

Jialin Luh, Head of Marketing

The Outcome


Since the new packaging and website launched in 2016, it has enjoyed a warm reception and boosted the presence of the Orion brand in the tech wearable marketplace.

We love collaboration and open communication. (Have you seen our open office?) But more importantly, we’re kids at heart who believe in work and play. Onyx is a marriage of the two — a walkie talkie for adults who not only want to stay in touch, but also get sh*t done.

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