Noble Brewer

Launching a Brand, with Craft and Spirit

Our Opportunity


Launched in winter 2014, Noble Brewer is a unique beer club that shares high quality, single-release beers inspired by homebrewer recipes. With no more than a name, our team set out to build a brand that would capture the hand-crafted nature of the recipes, showcasing their individual stories while engaging an audience with a cohesive and relatable identity.



Our Approach



We began with a comprehensive logo exploration. It was critical that the brand communicate the unique qualities of the beer, but instill confidence in consumers with a professional and established appearance. A combination of the logotype and minimal color palette rooted the brand in a clean aesthetic that demonstrates quality, care and expertise.


When approaching the label design we paid close attention to the hierarchy of typography. The simple color palette and textural qualities coincided with the brand’s overall effortless and hand-crafted nature. Focusing attention on the composition of the label as a whole allowed the overarching brand and homebrewer’s name to share the spotlight.


To extend the personal experience of a Noble Brewer shipment, we designed various pieces of print collateral, delivered to your door along with your selected brew. Pieces included individual inserts with brewer stories, a booklet to record tasting notes and a small hang tag to hang around the neck of each beer.


Noise 13’s deep understanding of craft beverages enabled them to create distinctive yet flexible branding that captures the spirit of Noble Brewer, as well as the personality of each of our featured homebrewers.

–Victoria Gutierrez, Noble Brewer

The Outcome


Growing from a simple, innovative idea, we enjoyed watching Noble Brewer flourish as their brand and collateral assets came together. We created something unique and interactive, not only for the brand itself, but for each homebrewer and customer. At its core, Noble Brewer is all about connecting people and creating memorable experiences, and through our collaborative process with their team, we succeeded in creating a warm, inviting brand.

We love a good beer. We especially love a beer conceived of passion and respect for the product and process. We’re thrilled to help Noble Brewer create a platform for discovering beers developed by homebrewers and we can’t wait to keep trying the new recipes!


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