Building a Boutique Brand to Rise Above the Rest

Our Opportunity


Lift Exercise was born from founder Erin Wetzel’s desire to create a truly balanced fitness experience — a place where both body and soul could receive equal attention and care. In a saturated market, we knew it would be a challenge to create a brand that would rise above the competition and maintain the client’s vision. With a launch date in sight, we immediately set to work on the identity, swiftly followed by extensions into collateral and a brand new responsive website.


Our Approach


The first step in building the Lift brand was honing in on key messaging that clearly communicated both the studio’s offerings as well as its personality. From this exercise came an inspiring manifesto, setting the tone and spirit for the visual identity. The logo itself captures the positive energy characteristic of Erin’s personality and her vision for the brand— a simple yet striking pair of wings that rise up toward the sky. The bright shade of turquoise, unique within the fitness landscape, further distinguishes Lift from the competition.


When conceptualizing deliverables for Lift, we wanted to help guide future collateral, which resulted in the design of an oversized postcard demonstrating proper usage of color, text, and supporting graphics. The card aids in reaffirming the overall voice of the brand and communicating the fun and inspiring atmosphere of the studio.


Perhaps the most fun we had while working on this project was designing the merchandise for the client to sell in the studio. Adapting the brand to tanks, tees, and pants allowed us to color a bit outside the lines and get extra creative. Recognizing the importance and power of a strong brand, Erin fully embraced the new design — we proudly watched from the sidelines as she applied it to everything from water bottles to bags, and even temporary tattoos!


Lift’s website needed to emulate the atmosphere of the studio itself: modular, bright, and airy. It was crucial that the site not be over-designed, but still contemporary as to fit in with the brand’s identity. We designed a website that was flexible and intuitive to align with the client’s vision.


To emphasize Lift’s welcoming and communal vibe, we saw an opportunity to rethink the traditional “blog” page. We created a visually engaging grid that is populated by recent blog posts as well as social media activity, no longer relegating Twitter or Instagram to a secondary position on the page. It provides a snapshot into the dynamic studio environment, highlighting the personalities of its entire family of members, instructors, and staff.

Noise 13 hands down over delivered on my objective to create a new, fresh, cool fitness brand in an oversaturated market. They did a lot of listening, asked the right questions, and delivered a brand icon, logo, look & feel and website that I believe are industry-leading and truly communicate our value proposition. I will look to Noise 13 for all my future brand designs. They create absolutely stunning work, in my humble opinion!

–Erin Wetzel, Owner, LIFT

The Outcome


It’s always a treat to build a new brand from the ground up, and Lift was no exception. Through market research and listening closely to the client’s needs, we were able to create a unique identity that stands apart from the competition. With positive feedback rolling in from staff and members, we’re certain this brand has a bright future ahead.

We’re always thrilled to collaborate with a client who has so much knowledge and passion for their work. Thanks to Erin’s energy and enthusiasm, it appears that everyone is rallying around Lift — 90% of branded merchandise sold out on opening day! (We like to think we had a little something to do with that, too.)


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