Kiva Confections

Expanding the Reach of a Budding Brand

Our Opportunity


KIVA Confections, one of California’s most recognized and respected edible producers, creates cannabis-infused chocolates that are both delicious and accurate in dosage. As experts within their rapidly growing and evolving industry, they wanted to feature both their exceptional products as well as their thought leadership. Noise 13 developed a full marketing toolkit that allowed them to grow their dispensary presence and speak effectively to both budtenders and consumers. From brochures to presentations to menus, each piece was an opportunity to unify and communicate the KIVA brand across new touchpoints.

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Our Approach


Our work with KIVA began with an initial discovery process. We wanted to understand their audience, their competition, and identify their core brand attributes — what makes KIVA different? We whittled our findings down to key brand pillars, which laid the foundation for consistent messaging and visual expression across all channels.


Before developing any creative, we visited multiple local dispensaries, identified which items would be most useful for budtenders to share information with patients, then collaborated with KIVA to determine the final deliverables for the marketing toolkit. We determined that multiple poster sizes offered a flexible way to highlight new product offerings, and more detailed small-format brochures would help educate consumers about the full range of KIVA products and their benefits.


In rolling out the marketing materials, we created a look and feel that captures the essence of the KIVA brand, considering everything from photography style to tone of voice. The rich, enticing product imagery highlights the quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations of the confections. Clever campaign slogans reinforce the emphasis on taste while also referencing the product’s healing qualities and KIVA’s commitment to precise and responsible dosage. Tied together by a consistent color palette, fonts, and supporting graphic elements, the toolkit seamlessly integrates with the existing brand and product packaging.


The Outcome


KIVA embodies the best qualities that our favorite consumable brands have to offer: premium ingredients, honest production processes, respect for the consumer — and, of course, elegant design. By providing them with a well-rounded marketing toolkit that showcases these attributes, they are poised to expand their reach in this ever-growing industry, furthering their message and advocacy of responsible cannabis consumption.

We’re always proud to help promote high quality products that taste great, and KIVA’s healing capabilities are the icing on the cake. We can’t wait to see where these industry leaders are headed next!

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