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Building a Brand that Inspires Adventure

Our Opportunity


There are endless possibilities at your fingertips when you travel, and if you’re like us you want to go past the touristy surface and delve into the culture of the place you’re visiting. Think of Get Gone as the “Airbnb” of food travel — connecting travelers with hosts who want to share their love of food and local tradition. Hosts can list their tours on the site, similar to someone listing their home on Airbnb.

Noise 13 was excited to take on a project that is so close to our hearts, developing a full brand identity for Get Gone including a logo, color palette, photography style and website.


Our Approach


The client wanted to provide an authentic and local experience for both hosts and visitors alike. This is reflected in the branding, imagery and overall style of the website. The spoon-compass logo, accompanied by rustic type, conveys an organic feeling and personifies the brand. The muted color palette brings sophistication and was inspired by vintage travel maps, further solidifying the theme. Vibrant, romantic photography was selected to excite the eye and make mouths water. The images you find throughout the site reflect real experiences that are captured while traveling.



It was important to keep the visuals consistent, so we developed a booklet that would guide the hosts through the best practices for success — including what makes a good profile image and photo styles for tour postings. This booklet ensures the host is well equipped to navigate the site on their own and provides them with the tools to create a profile that maintains brand integrity.



The ultimate goal of the website was to build an intuitive, user-friendly experience for both hosts and guests. The Get Gone brand is personable and down to Earth, so it was important that the website not be too flashy or tech-centric like some of its competitors. We also needed to consider audiences in countries where the Internet may not be easily accessible, therefore the user experience needed to be seamless and pain free.

Keeping all of this in mind, we thought out the functionality in great detail, and began by crafting an in-depth user flow chart before diving into front and back end development. We designed an account page for hosts to easily create their own profile, list tours and keep their information up to date. A robust search system allows visitors to easily filter through a myriad of tour categories to find one that best suits their appetite.


The Outcome


It’s always satisfying to see a project come to life and Get Gone is no exception. Our team stakes a lot of interest in preserving local food traditions and so it is a pleasure to work with innovators who are making a difference. We look forward to watching Get Gone continue to grow and keep tradition alive!

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