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Rebranding A Legacy

Our Opportunity


RN Field Construction, a Bay Area contracting company and previous client of ours, specializes in building out custom spaces that meet their clients’ needs and express their passions. With decades of work for countless iconic companies under their belt, the business had reached a pivotal moment: their 40th anniversary, a shift in leadership, and an edit to their name (goodbye “RN”). Field knew it was time for a fresh look to accompany these changes, and that’s where we came in. We gave their brand a facelift and designed a contemporary, user-friendly website to steward them into their next era of business.


Our Approach


First, we wanted to create a strong base from which to work. We started with a workshop with their current board of directors, as well as a survey of key stakeholders and employees. We took a hard look at the current logo and branding, as well as those of key competitors. From all of this, we built an impression of Field as a solid, hard-working, and family-oriented company.


When it came to updating their logo, Field knew that they wanted something that felt familiar but looked fresh. We wanted the update to reflect their legacy and their place as leaders in the industry. Beginning with manipulation of the three bars in their original logo, we found that adding some elevation gave the impression of forward motion —  perfect for reflecting the company’s continued development and growth. With their roots in the Bay Area, the team gravitated towards a shade of orange to represent the city they love. Once a logo direction was chosen, we set our sights on all of the company’s collateral, including business cards, proposals, letterhead, and more.


Field was well prepared with a clear vision for their new website and examples of what they liked and disliked. We focused on making the quality of their work the star of the show, using large, beautiful images throughout the site to tell their story. The end result was an elegant, mobile-friendly site that captures their brand personality and expertise while reflecting today’s best practices in design and programming. The highly collaborative process, along with lightening-fast responses from the client, enabled us to launch their new site six weeks ahead of our original schedule.

Noise 13 understood our team and values, they truly listened to what was said. Their team was very flexible working with our schedule. Between Noise 13 and our internal team we were able to launch our new website earlier than scheduled. The brand refresh will lead us into the next 40 years of business.

–Emmy So, Account Executive, Field Construction

The Outcome


Field’s high quality of work and commitment to their customers is evident in their new tagline: “We build the space you need: to grow, to work, to succeed.” We kept this in the forefront of our minds during the entire project and have received only positive feedback as a result! Field’s vendors and clients have complimented the clean, modern aesthetic of the website and they love the thoughtful mobile experience. We’re so glad we were able to successfully deliver Field the next generation of their brand.

Congratulations to Field Construction on 40 years- here’s to 40 more!

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