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Designing a Website for Growth — and Style

Our Opportunity


Backed by early supporters, Faraday began their commercial launch on Kickstarter in 2012 and reached a goal of $100k within the first week. It goes without saying, then, that there was a demand within the e-bike industry for a product like Faraday’s, offering all the benefits of an e-bike in a stylish form. With strong consumer support, Faraday was off to the races. As we began work with their team, we introduced strategic steps to ensure the website would have the ability to grow and evolve with the company over time.


Our Approach


In our initial meetings, we learned about Faraday’s history and plans for the future. Understanding where they started, as well as their ambitions for growth were equally important as we began to rethink the website’s design.


People love their Faraday Bikes. Almost everyone who has purchased one has raved about how it’s become a regular part of their lifestyle. These customers also became advocates for the brand and we knew that their presence on the website would be almost as important as learning about the bikes themselves. Adding this human element became one of our main goals for the site.


“I didn’t even know that was an electric bike,” was another common theme we found during our discovery. These stylish bikes look deceptively simple but have a lot going on under the surface. Another goal of ours was to communicate a lot of information in an engaging way on each page, enticing customers to dig deeper into the site. Around each click, a new surprise, function or way to display information. Integrating these diverse characteristics with consistency was a challenge, but well worth it in the end.


The previous Faraday website didn’t have a way to purchase bikes online. Because we were able to design this portion of the site from scratch, we designed an elegant bike builder that made bike customization easy to understand.



The Outcome


Throughout our process, we wanted to guarantee that consumers were not only discovering unique pages and functionality, but also being informed about the products and their features. We designed each page as an opportunity to showcase the craftsmanship of the product for the Faraday customer who appreciates the little details.

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