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Modernizing Our Favorite Community Art Studio

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Creativity Explored is an art studio that holds a special place in our hearts. For years we’ve been visiting their space in the heart of the SF Mission neighborhood for inspiration, joy and great art for our own walls and gifts. When they asked us to evolve their brand identity in preparation for a website update, we were thrilled to have the opportunity.

With over 30 years of cultivating a collective that places the work, needs, culture, and experience of artists with developmental disabilities at the center of the community, Creativity Explored’s existing identity felt a bit too young and unpolished. Also, for a group championing access, the brand colors wouldn’t have met web accessibility guidelines. Our goal was to maintain brand recognition, while ensuring the new identity was fully accessible and reflected that the artists at Creativity Explored are adults.

The result was a clean, type based logo that maintained the spirit of the original mark and added a touch of modern. To balance this with the true vibrant spirit of the community we introduced a palette of bright colors to support the identity. We normally name brand colors to work with the story of a company but we asked the The Creativity Explored team to work with the artists to describe and name each of the colors and the outcome was better than we could have imagined.


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