Six Months of Acceleration and Innovation


This month, our team was lucky enough to attend Signal 2020, the annual conference put on by Twilio, which this year was an all-virtual affair. We heard from industry experts in tech, music, design and politics about how the pandemic has shifted their approaches to work. One thing we kept hearing, over and over again, is that many companies have accomplished in the last six months what it would normally have taken them six years to complete, particularly in going entirely digital in their branding and marketing to reach a quarantined audience.

As a branding firm, we have experienced this acceleration first-hand. We are working with multiple brands who, within the past six months, needed to move to a direct-to-consumer approach in order for their business to survive. We have figured out how to shift our in-person, sticky-note-filled strategy workshops to a collaborative, virtual space with digital sticky notes. We have safely and effectively produced multiple photoshoots with a skeleton crew, all-outdoor locations, masked models and social-distancing guidelines. We have even moved huge in-person conferences, including our own creative conference, In/Visible Talks, to a virtual format. 

As we look to the future, we’re also imagining how to apply the lessons learned in this pandemic to a post-pandemic world. Virtual conferences, for example, can reach tens of thousands more people from across the globe; how could this be an innovation we keep in the future? What about invigorating the experience of a hotel stay or a restaurant visithow might we reimagine that for clientele in 2021 or 2022? How might newly all-digital or direct-to-consumer brands expand and become more personalized in our post-quarantined world?

Even though many things feel tough right now, we are encouraged by the opportunities we see in today’s challenges. It’s more important than ever to think creatively and be open to new approaches and ideas, and we are grateful and excited to think big with our partners. This kind of future dreaming is what’s keeping us going into the fall and winter months.

(Credit: Jazmin Quaynor)


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