October Top 13: Favorite Candy Packaging

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays! So October’s Top 13 is all about our favorite candy packaging and a few good Halloween versions.


Totally in love with the twist on this taffy box for Sweets Salt Water Taffy.


It does not get more simple or graphic than the classic Candy Buttons packaging. Our Creative Director has a hoodie designed after the look of this candy and he gets compliments every time.


We love the colors and illustration style on this Monster Mix Bubble Gum package.


All Sorts used the shapes of their candies inside to decorate the packaging outside. Super simple, but very effective.  


Most people probably don’t remember Cosmic Candy or all the bad press surrounding it, but, the packaging was really interesting.


Lindor truffles are iconic, especially their shape. They leaned in for the Halloween edition, with their jack-o-lantern packaging.


Omnom Chocolates out of Iceland does a great job of connection their chocolate imprint to the pack illustration style. Their Coffee + Milk is a good one for Halloween.


We are totally bias here but we still love our classic Tiffany’s inspired boxes for Socola Chocolates.


Most of us do not eat a whole chocolate bar in one go, so we love the resealable packs from Beau Cacao.


Feletti (an Italian chocolate company) went type heavy with this package, and it’s gorgeous.


For adults only, we’d love to trick or treat if we got the caramels from Dovana Delights.


Have you ever wondered what the color yellow would taste like? Well here is what it would look like. 


Simple and shiny, the Reese’s Halloween minis are great additions to any Halloween basket.



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