September Top 13: Dot Inspired Design

September 15th is International Dot Day, which is all about making your mark and celebrating creativity, but this also got us thinking of our favorite dot inspired designs.


The Hermann Grid Illusion asks the question: are the dots there or aren’t they?


Celebrating its previous life as the Maritime Union HQ, the design of the Dream Hotel in NYC is completely based on dots (portholes in this case) and it’s beautiful.


Alexander Calder’s Blue and Yellow among Reds is one of the most famous of his giant mobiles. The scale of the dots make them appear to be floating in mid-air. 


We had a lot of fun animating the dot logo for our client Tipping Point Community.


Start With A Dot (Guided Journal): A Journal For Making Your Mark is the best gift for anyone needing a push to unleash their creativity. 


Yayoi Kusama is known for her use of dots in all types of media. Her experiential spaces are mad to bring people into her world of infinite dots and mirrored spaces. 


Dot stickers are very important for voting on your brand values or anything else in a brand workshop at Noise.


Gorges Seurat was the founder of pointillism, a technique of using small dots of color to paint a larger picture.


Inspired by the dazzling lights of the stage, our design for the SHN’s annual membership kit relies heavily on dots.


Damien Hirst’s describes his famous spot paintings as “just a way of pinning down the joy of color”.


The Dot Game, for iPhones and androids was inspired by minimalist art and proves that fun and beauty are not mutually exclusive.


Press Here is an interactive book that is delightful for both kids and adults.


If you are inspired to add more dots to your life, these wall decals are pretty great. 



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