Authenticity in Cannabis Experiences

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Cannabis retail is growing up.

Numbers matter and buzz can help sell a new product, but the only dependable way to market a product is to be your authentic self. People crave genuine real-life experiences and meaningful connections during their shopping experience: it’s that simple. 

Unfortunately, this is where it gets complicated. By definition, authenticity is not a one-size-fits-all situation. What works for one brand isn’t going to work for another. Do this and you risk coming off as phony, or worse — like you’re just giving a sales pitch. Previously, we’ve covered signs your brand could use a refresh and how to get insights into your brand, but we thought this time we could show you how this plays out in a real and exploding industry — cannabis retail. 

Build an experience specific to your clients.

Cannabis has come a long way in a short amount of time. What was once relegated to the stoner/slacker has now grown to encompass many different segments of society. That means cannabis dispensaries need to find their tribe. They can’t, and won’t be able to say that everybody is the ideal customer. What that really says to the consumer is that NOBODY is your ideal customer. 

A great cannabis dispensary, just like a product brand, needs to curate and design their experience to a specific customer. Sure, there’s some overlap, but in the exploding world of cannabis, customers have options — they want a brand and a retail space that feels as unique as they are. That means figuring out what makes your brand unique, so you can target a clientele and serve them well. Yes, dispensaries, like any retail, will get the people who shop based on location or better yet, walkins. But to establish a long term client base these spaces need to know who they are and what type of consumer that are best to serve.

Find what brings you joy. Chances are your customers will feel it too.

For us, a successful brand starts with a creative spark that just can’t be quantified, a single vision that bonds head, heart, and soul through a custom experience tailored to the customers wants and needs. Sounds easy? It’s not, but when it’s done right you can feel it.

This is why the cannabis industry represents such an exciting space. Not only is it wide open, for innovation, and bold thinking, but so many founders passionately care about the industry beyond just the money. These new brands and retails spaces aren’t your dad’s cannabis. Well, unless that’s what they’re trying to be, and there’s space in the market for that too.

At Noise 13, we love businesses that aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions, that defy expectations by being open to new ideas and honest perspectives. That’s how you grow, it’s how you succeed, and it’s how you build an authentic brand that’s built to last — not fade away once the initial buzz dies. In Part II, we share our insights on a few of San Francisco’s dispensaries and how they are keeping their experiences authentic. 



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