May Top 13: Favorite Water Inspired Designs

As we have our minds around water for AquaRoo, H2O+ and Oh So Clean, we are getting inspired by design that considers water in it’s design or in how it’s used.


The contrast between Wild Island Botanic Gin’s clean minimalism of the transparent bottle and the chaotic pops of color really catches our eye.


With soft colors and minimal packaging, Recess sparkling CBD water use their brand system and website for all visual representations of water.


How often do you come across a seafood restaurant with menus submerged in seawater? So fun.


Inspired by tidal rhythms, Saalt’s branding blends clean packaging and a beautiful and muted color palette.


Architect Lina Toro has transformed an existing Madrid carwash named ‘burbucar’ into a theatrical experience that makes its cleaning processes visible to customers.


The Aanatoli Turkish towel is woven by local artisans using cotton and linen threads, sustainable and handmade, these towels are great for the beach or every day.


Toys for the water and sand from PlanPlay both look good and use sustainable materials.


From water pitchers as pretty as a wine carafe to mugs and glass water bottles, SOMA has your water wrapped up.


We love the fully sustainable and extremely unique packaging for Birch Water, water tapped directly from the trees of Finland.


In case you were unaware, beer showers are a thing. Shower Beer was made specifically for this purpose, with a fun and sleek bottle, this was made to be enjoyed as you get ready for your night out.  


Filled with Nutrient-rich fulvic minerals that make the water naturally black, Blk Water’s minimal packaging lets the product stand out on it’s own.


These completely edible seaweed pouches are aiming to rid the world of plastic bottle waste. Ooho has already started it’s takeover by partnering with the London Marathon to replace over 200,000 plastic bottles.


Although inspired by a marble pattern, Waterworks Apothecary Collection’s packaging has a sophisticated water look.  



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