April Top 13: Favorite Eco-conscious Designs

Spring is springing and we’ve been very focused on eco-conscious design as we enter the design phase on our last few projects. Here are some products and designs that are inspiring us this month of Earth-Day.


Americans use 500 million straws every day!!! Luckily there is a movement to get rid of plastic straws. Foldable and easy to carry FinalStraw is a well-designed favorite.


Shhhowercap is totally changing the way we think about washing our hair. This product is a beautiful way to keep plastic out of landfills while helping your hair stay healthy.


Reformation is a clothing brand that puts sustainability at the core of everything they do — each receipt includes how much water, waste, etc you saved.


Disposable plastic wrap for food is both wasteful and costly. Try surrounding your food in beewax covered fabric wraps with Beeswrap.


Reduce, reuse, refill...Myro is the perfect combination of beautiful design and great purpose. This deodorant pack is refillable helping keep plastic out of landfills.


Truman is giving cleaning a makeover, with concentrates and refillable bottles.


Stylish, reusable, microwave and dishwasher safe and in colors for everyone, Monbento provides sustainable products for all your lunch carrying needs.


Every time we wash our clothes, we release microfibers that are harmful to the environment. Guppyfriend is the solution attempting to stop microwaste.


Silicone is a safe alternative to plastic and Stasher has joined the plastic-free movement with their assortment of bags to fit your storage requirements.


Heatworks’s countertop dishwasher Tetra saves energy, water, and space.


For the third year Adidas and Parley have teamed up to make beautiful jerseys for your favorite MLS teams from recycled plastic waste.


Edible Cutlery is the next wave of plastic free utensils.


Electric cars are finally catching starting to look as good as they are for the environment, Audi is the most recent to join the electric car movement with their Q4 E-tron.



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