February Top 13: Products from CES 2019

We didn’t get to go to CES this year but we did check out some amazing products we’re already getting inspired by.


LG went big this year with their curved screen technology and a ‘Massive Curve of Nature’. Sure, it’s massively expensive, but way to impress.  


Making medical awareness sleek, beautiful, functional, and the winner of CES’s Innovation Award, the Withings Move ECG smartwatch will be big once it launches.


Heatworks’s countertop dishwasher Tetra is a space saver in a small apartment. Yes you should just hand wash your 2 cups but we applaud rethinking the category. Would be great for baby bottles.


Stay up on your New Year’s resolution with this smart Kettlebell from JAXJOX. It keeps track of your workouts, has 6 weights in one, and looks nice in your home.


Google and Lenovo teamed up to bring you the Smart Clock. Designed for both form and function to help you get a better night sleep.


Sennheiser products are typically for the hardcore audiophiles, but, their living room Soundbar was designed to fit into every home and provide amazing audio quality.


What if your Kurig brewed craft beer? LG is answering this question with their new sleek and stylish HomeBrew. Taste testing will be key.


Samsung unveiled it’s new TVs with MicroLED technology. Beyond all the cool specs, these TVs are modular and can be mixed and matched like picture frames on a wall.


Make your own Mini Curve of nature with Royole’s fully flexible displays!


You know we love mini gardens. Grab a Miracle Grow Twelve, fully indoor hydroponic system that allows you to grow your favorite “leafy greens” years round.


Simple and a true showcase the Cambridge Audio’s Alva TT is a beautiful way to listen to vinyl.


Before you run off to the doctor’s office for that fever, first try TytoCare’s new line of products that connect you to a doc from your home.


Playtime was not missed at CES this year, with the Sphero Specdrums making music from colors.



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