Experimenting with 21st Century Collage for Hangar 1 Vodka


Hangar 1 Vodka tasked us with developing an advertising campaign to increase brand awareness in a mix of key markets: millennial consumers who are interested in craft spirits, unique and sophisticated flavors, and new experiences, and Food+Beverage enthusiasts and professionals. Furthermore, the focus, we were told, needed to be on their array of brand attributes and elements: a craft distillation process; the use of quality, natural, locally sourced ingredients; an exceptionally high-quality vodka; and the instantly recognizable aircraft hangar that houses their distillery and tasting room in Alameda, California.

How could we bring all that information together in one cohesive campaign?


We think collage art (aka assemblage) might be the most democratic art form. It blends elements of “high art” and “low art”, calls upon various levels of technical skills (cutting+pasting+creative collaboration), and results in a work in which the sum is greater than the individual parts.

Collage has a rich history dating back to turn-of-the-20th-century European experimentation and appeared in artworks by Georges Braque (Cubism), Hannah Höch (Dadaism), and André Breton (Surrealism). Traditionally, it combined imagery from mass-produced visuals in unexpected ways to distort meaning or to create new meaning altogether.

We’ve been known to pick up scissors and glue over the years as part of creative bonding and brainstorming exercises, and when Hangar 1 presented us with their unique set of challenges, we recognized the opportunity to elevate collage in exciting ways.

It also felt like a good vehicle for the messages Hangar 1 Vodka wanted to communicate. The process behind collage art includes an experimental nature, which echoes the experimental nature of their craft distillation process. By creating a dynamic visual campaign—both for print and out-of-home (billboard)—we helped Hangar 1 Vodka own the various components of their brand identity and successfully tell their story.

As we worked the process for Hangar 1, we got to thinking about how the Noise 13 team works together like a collage. We’re writers and photographers, introverted senior designers and opinionated junior creatives, and free-spirited extroverts and Type-A overachievers. We represent a diversity of personalities and skills, and while each person contributes independently, we bond together over shared values for collaboration, insightfulness, and dedicated work. The distinctly creative work that comes as a result continues to amaze and inspire us.



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