September Top 13: Beers and Beer Packaging

International beer holiday; Oktoberfest starts September 22. We made this month’s Top 13 a celebration of our favorite beers and their amazing packaging!


Fort Point Beer Co. has a great tasting Kolsch, but it’s their branding system that catches our eyes.


With the clean, minimal, strong type design, St. Archer Brewing Co. lets the taste of their beers do the majority of the talking.


Known for their Tropicalia IPA, Creature Comforts also has some creative packaging, check out their Cosmik Debris can.


Commonwealth’s can design is inspired by how different textures from oils, vinegars, and inks interact on a macro level, resulting in an interesting brand system.


Sometimes, the analog look can be refreshing, like Feral Brewing Co.’s packaging right now. Their Sly Fox (Session Ale) is quite clever.


Everything about Ommegang’s packaging says regal…then you find out they have a Game Of Thrones beer, and it all makes sense.


Bold type and strong pops of color help Finkle & Garf get the point across; their beer is bold and flavorful.


21st Amendment’s on brand naming and illustrations compliment their tasty beers, especially their “Hell or High Watermelon”.


Atlanta Brewing Co. takes inspiration from the past with a vintage yet modern twist on packaging. They are only 25 years old but you can say they have an old soul.


Brewed out of Berlin, Motel Beer was designed to create the calm and comfortable feeling associated with classic motels. From the colors to the name, their whole system just fits.


Brazilian beer Kill Brew takes its design cues from a very American direction, Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill; with clever allusions to the film in its illustrations and bright yellow branding.


Evil Twin’s Hipster Ale stays true to its name, with the artsy triangles and complimenting colors.


Classic, simple, cohesive, this is Great Lakes Brewing is THE Cleveland beer (and much of the midwest). Burning River pokes fun at the Cleve in a way only natives can.



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