August Top 13: Ways To Be Sustainable


Summertime has us thinking about sustainability. Here’s our top 13 on our favorite ways to be sustainable!  


With tips, news, and opportunities to help, Spare the Air is an amazing resource to keep our Bay Area air fresh.   


We all complain about the number of people moving to the Bay, and more people = more cars. Do your part with Scoop carpool to help reduce the large carbon footprint commuting can make.


Water is scarce; so is money. Gentle Washer helps you save both.


Speaking of water, plants always need more in this summer heat. Saving all your cooking/boiling water for your plants is a great way to save your plants and the environment.


Low-waste, low-impact materials in a well designed, comfortable, foldable, washable flats. Yes please!


Food waste is a major issue. Ugly Produce delivers the less attractive produce products to your door, after all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters.


Let’s talk about plastic! Rezip is a great way to ensure there is one less plastic baggie in the landfill.


These waxed cotton hemp sheets are a colorful alternative to plastic wrap, and reusable, and biodegradable! Join the Etee revolution and say goodbye to plastic wrap.


Great design aside, SOMA glass water bottles and compostable filters are a beautiful way to be sustainable. They’re on a mission to end the global water crisis so every purchase leads to a donation.


We love this creative anti-plastic waste solution for a classic summer activity: DIY water balloons.


If your company provides free lunch, there’s a high likelihood of food waste. Check out Food Runners, Copia, Goodr or any of the services willing to deliver that food to those in need.


BIKES!!! A great way to exercise, and help the environment. If you live in the bay area, check out SF Bicycle Coalition for all the details on riding in the city.


The market is now full of smart devices to help you conserve energy at home. The Nest thermostat is not a bad place to start.



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