July Top 13: On-the-Go Snacks


Working on a yogurt project has us thinking about our favorite on-the-go snacks, with a design twist!  


Socially conscious, organically sourced, and very well designed, Rebbl’s elixirs and proteins hooked us on the first visit to their website. (Bonus, they taste great)


Clean in every sense of the word, RXBARs are an excellent source of protein, simple ingredients, and straightforward gender-neutral design.


Slingshot’s creative packaging allows even the busiest among us the ability to have a full and healthy breakfast on-the-go. Grab one today and carpe a.m.!


Food + Coffee for less than 90 calories? DONE! But, if that doesn’t get you, check out Verb Energy’s stylish packaging.


Chobani’s redesign feels vintage yet remains fresh. It’s a bonus that their offerings are delicious, and their drinkable yogurts can double as a healthy dessert option.  


On-the-go snacks don’t always have to be healthy. Delicious and portable with interesting packaging, Lone Wolf’s G&T is a great addition to any picnic or park day.


Urban Remedy’s toxin free, organic, ready to eat meals and snacks with minimal and clean design = the epitome of San Francisco on-the go food!


All vintage everythingEpic Jerky has an interesting philosophy with a classic branding system.


With bright ingredients like turmeric, Purely Elizabeth’s delicious oatmeal bowls are truly unicorn food in real life. Move over avocado toast – these oatmeals are made for instagram!


The small but powerful chia seeds have been harnessed into superfood bars by Health Warrior. Their colorful branding system makes healthy look good.


The New Primal has all of your paleo snacking needs, all wrapped in some cool packaging.


A Dutch company, selling healthy Belgium waffels came into the market looking to disrupt the cookie industry is there anything more San Francisco?


Design-driven, plant-based, 3d printed pops. Truly the future food, aka. Ice Cream 2.0. Aka. Dream Pops!



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