March Top 13: Artists We Love

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we asked the Noise team for their favorite artists (who also happen to be women). Here are our Top 13:


Taryn Simon is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on categorization, classification, and structures of secrecy. She also has some deep TEDtalks!


Joan Mitchell was an American abstract expressionist painter and printmaker. Her large landscape paintings have set auction records.


Noted as one of the most important artists of our era, Kara Walker is a multidisciplinary contemporary painter, best known for her silhouetted figures that candidly investigate race, gender, sexuality, and violence in America.


Olivia Knapp’s intricate pieces explore the relationship between desire, reason, and circumstance. She uses a rare cross-hatching technique from the 16th century to create mesmerizing modern pieces.


Sophie Calle depicts human vulnerability while examining identity and intimacy as a writer, photographer, installation and conceptual artist. Her incredible photos showcase her ability to investigate the private lives of strangers.


Helen Frankenthaler was a great American artist of the twentieth century who expanded the possibilities of abstract painting through her invention of the soak-stain technique. We love how her work explores landscapes in unique ways.


You’ve seen Barbara Kruger’s iconic black-and-white photographs overlaid with white-on-red captions. Strong themes of feminism, consumerism, power, identity, and sexuality are addressed in short thought-provoking sentences.


Jenny Holzer’s art is focused on delivering words and ideas in public spaces, and she’s put her work on just about everything. She’s projected her words on historic buildings, billboards, benches, signs…even a BMW race car.


Kate Deciccio strongly believes in art as activism, with work influenced by her passions for equity, community building, and teaching. Her beautiful murals reflect the strength and identity of the communities they represent.


Rosalyn Drexler is a multi-talented artist and former professional wrestler. Best known for her pop art, her work challenged the concept of originality and the role of the painter.


Hannah Höch was one of the originators of the photo montage, with work boldly challenging early ideals of the “Modern Woman.” Her work helped encourage the liberation of women in her native Germany.


Marian Bantjes is one of the most innovative typographers, with designs crossing the boundaries of style, technology, and time. Her work is obsessively detailed and filled with captivating juxtapositions.


Zuzana Licko is the cutting-edge designer of various typefaces, including the famous Mrs. Eaves. She co-founded the graphic design magazine Emigre to share her designs with other designers.




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