January Top 13: Celebrating the Hand Crafted Letter


Pandr Design Co. is an awesome San Diego female artist duo that creates large scale hand lettering pieces for brands and beyond. (Be sure to check out their hilarious yet thoughtful podcast ‘drunk on lettering’.) And if you’re lucky, they might be teaching a hand lettering workshop in a ‘hood near you!


Keeping the art of hand drawn signage alive, New Bohemia creates beautiful custom lettering for all manner of signs. Bonus: they’re based right here in SF!


We’ve recently discovered Punkpost — a roster of artists that translate your message into beautiful handwritten greeting cards. ‘No fonts, no robots. Only passionate humans.’


We’re smitten with the work of badass lettering master Gemma O’Brien.


In Progress goes deep into the creative process of lettering artist Jessica Hische. It’s a great primer for those who know nothing about the art of lettering … and just an all around gorgeous book.


Here’s a fun & creative animation piece for BIC Brazil — a great tribute to the playfulness of the iconic pen brand.


Handwritten words deserve some love. Check our Portland-based friends at Scout books — we love this collaboration with illustrator Jordan Sondler. ‘Big ideas start here.’


The Pages Project is an interactive gallery of handwritten notes in books, showcasing the overlooked relationship between readers and the physical page. Created by Erik Schmitt, a local SF designer.


We’ve all encountered them in the wild (maybe a little more often than we’d care to admit), but did you know Chipotle’s famous handwritten bags were designed by N13 alum Anna Tou?


We can’t stop reading these anonymous handwritten secrets …


We love Moleskine, the legendary brand for all handwriting lovers, designers, artists. Check out their smart writing set, which turns your analog notes into digital form on the spot, and don’t miss My Moleskine, a collection of user-generated content.


Voted best pen store by our team, JetPens ‘is an online stationery store for people in pursuit of the perfect pen.’ Yes!


600 hours of inking, within a two month time frame = 75 hours a week and 12 million ink dots. The work of French artist Xavier Casalta is not to be missed! 


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