Going With the Flow

Here at Noise, we like to find fun ways to stretch and flex our creative muscles. With so much screen time necessary for our jobs, we find ourselves longing for some good ol’ analog fun. So, every month we come together for a team exercise that we call “Creative Flow.” The idea is simple: each Flow session begins with a short prompt, lasts ~30 minutes, cannot involve computers, and always includes a creative refreshment (because who doesn’t love to sip and sketch, right?). Previous sessions have taken many forms — walking the neighborhood and drawing our favorite flora, writing memes for silly photos, and hand painting signs for our annual Halloween party.

For our 2017 offsite, we planned a special Creative Flow designed to not only get our creative juices flowing, but also our adrenaline pumping! With a time limit of 20 seconds per letter, we created a full alphabet — each Noisemaker rotated around the table, contributing a tiny element of their choice to each letter. The activity was inspired by IS Creative Studio’s Democratype exercise, and we put our spin on it by using unassuming materials from around the office — post-it notes, tape, Pantone swatches, and dot stickers. While humble and often overlooked on their own, when combined they become vibrant and dynamic forms that are truly collaborative.

Check out the final alphabet below, close-ups of some of our favorite letters, and a sneak peek behind the scenes. Enjoy!




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