BONUS October Top 13: Sweet Cannabis Treats


#clientlove From tasty mints that juuust take the edge off, to delicious chocolate bars that will knock your socks off, KIVA Confections is a big player in the sophistication game.


Every Défoncé bar is a work of art, from the bar to the package.


Beboe’s pastilles elevate candy to medicine with a low-dose balance of THC and CBD.


Mindy Segal, award-winning pastry chef, hand crafts artisanal edibles with roots in Midwestern comfort.


Valhalla hand crafts low-dose gummies, available in Indica, Sativa or CBD varieties. Try the sour watermelon, it’s delicious!


Responsibly-sourced organic ingredients and solvent-free extracts set Garden Society apart from the competition.


Mini toaster pastries made with chia seed dough and filled with tasty fruit goodness (not to mention organic, vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free) – there’s no reason to not Treat Yourself.


Offering old fashioned gum drops & sea salt caramel truffles with a wide selection of dosage and pure CBD options, Lord Jones tops off their goodies with beautiful branding.


Medicated caramel housed in artisanal chocolate confections, Altai is elevating the art of cannabis.


Check out Mellows, AKA cannabis-infused marshmallows. Be careful not to drool when you watch the video of how they’re made.


OARA explores the connection between our mind, emotions, and our guts with a low-dose, probiotic-infused, low sugar chocolate.


Award winning, paleo friendly, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and low glycemic means MoonMan’s Mistress edibles are friendly for people with food allergies or other medical conditions.


When it comes to flowers, different strains have different personalities – To Whom It May has applied the concept to their gorgeous edibles: Vivienne, Zak, Myra, and Ralph.


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