A look at the #womensmarch

At Noise 13 we have been following the masses of women, men and children that came out to support human rights for the #womensmarch last weekend. Our team participated both in San Francisco and Oakland, and were impressed by both the turn out, and the complete lack of drama. No fights, no damage to property, just lots of love, support and human dignity. We’ve collected some of our favorite signs from the weekend:

just be better #womensmarch

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#love #doitwithlove #womensmarch #lovelovelove #yourvoice #youmatter

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Totally feel ya, Lady Liberty. #womensmarch #atlantamarch #weloveatl #atlanta #streetphotography #fujifilmx100t

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this is a good way to explain it to children

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We are also in love with the artist’s parachutes and team spirit from Huge. Pre-march, there were the posters designed by JP Stallard for the “Scotland Loves Trump” series at Park Life. And post-march there’s a way to stay in the action with SwingLeft. This website finds your closest Swing District so you can join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives and stop Trump and the GOP agenda by working together. Overall we are excited by the creativity and love that is rising above the anger this month.

(Photo credit of Comic Sans: @enbrown)


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