Which Came First, Fashion or Design?

The Noise 13 team has had our eye on the fashion world for the past few months, scouring trends for our latest client endeavor 😉. As we scanned magazines, blogs, runway shows and the racks of department stores, we took notice of how fashion lends its influence to different realms of design and vice versa. Here’s some of the biggest trends we’re noticing in fashion and how graphic, product, and interior design have been keeping up:

The Trend: Ornate


A trend as old as time — decadent styles of the orient have found themselves back on the runway and into the street. Embroidered silk bomber jackets, jacquard prints, gold detailing and rich colors are gracing the pages of fashion magazines and street style blogs alike. This ancient style of design has lent its influence to the art nouveau and art deco periods of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and has remained a staple of elegance throughout the years. Our team got in on the trend when we created the branding for Reorient Herbal Tonics!

Credits: Top left: Street style via Pinterest Top center: Reorient by Noise 13 Top right: Bomber jacket via Pinterest Middle left: Sculpture by Jennifer Trask Middle: Maison Margiela SS16 Middle right: Reorient by Noise 13 Bottom left: Valentino SS16 Bottom center: Lettering by Jan Christian Bierpfaff, packaging by Stranger & Stranger Bottom right: Design via Pinterest


The Trend: Retro Revival


Bright pop art-y looks are everywhere this season (thanks in part to our modern day Warhol, Jeremy Scott) and the bold, retro patterns emerging from the house of Prada and designers like Thom Browne. We’re also seeing tons of deconstructed denim from coveted cult-brand Vetements and the increasingly popular “mom jean” look, giving a nod to retro style with a modern twist. Cartoony, multi-dimensional risograph prints in shades of neon make for a fun playscape for graphic designers, too. From a product design perspective, Ikea recently collaborated with menswear designer and print-based artist Katie Eary to create a bright, kitschy homewares collection partially inspired by the psychedelic classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Credits: Top left: Prada SS17 Top center: Calendar by O.OO Print & Design Top right: Tim Colmant for Converse Middle left: Calendar by JP King Middle: Thom Browne SS17, Katie Eary for Ikea Middle right: Vetements Bottom right: Jeremy Scott SS17


The Trend: Seascape


Drawing inspiration from the sea — pastels of seafoam green, pink and purple find harmony in edgy pieces such as transparent windbreakers and velvet jumpsuits. The ocean lends itself as an endless influence for design in all aspects — from explorations of shape and texture to gradients of color. Architectural designs and aesthetics of beach-side cities can also be seen influencing designers. Spanish design studio Pleid St. embodies this trend in the digital world with abstract art that combines natural elements with reverie.

Credits: Top left: via Stylus Top center: via Stylus, sculpture by Daniel Widrig Top right: Interiors via Design*Sponge Bottom left: via Stylus Bottom center: Interiors via Pinterest, Sophistication by Sarah Lindholm Bottom right: Seascape Dropout by Tom Wesselmann    


The Trend: Floral


Laura Ingalls Wilder would probably do very well for herself these days. Ditzy florals, calicos, and prairie dresses can be seen paired with leather and denim to toughen them up. Flowers have been a long-standing trend in design as they are a complex, dazzling part of nature. Modern day designers are branching out and exploring new mediums — for instance this iced plant typography by artist Petra Blahova, and Patrick Jouin’s stunning 3D-printed blooming lamp (affectionately dubbed ‘Bloom’). Interior design gets in on the trend as well — remember Raf Simon’s flower rooms for his Dior couture debut?

Credits: Top right: Design by Rifle Paper Co. Top center: Lettering by Anne Lee Designs, Jourdan Dunn via Harper’s Bazaar Top right: T Magazine via NYTimes Middle left: via Harper’s Bazaar Bottom left: Dior Couture 2012 Bottom center: via Stylus Bottom right: Interiors by Front Projects for Tensta Konsthall


The Trend: Palm Leaves 


This summer saw a boom in the palm leaf trend, from fashion to interiors to art prints, it was (and still is) everywhere! We even saw graphic designer Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh utilize this trend in her rebrand for fashion label, Milly. Maybe it all started with Ilana’s palm print dress on Broad City, or perhaps with Leo’s Oyster Bar right here in San Francisco — one of our go-to’s when we desire a dreamy, tropical atmosphere to transport us. Either way it will be interesting to see how this trend carries over into the colder months.

(Photo credit: Top left: via Comedy Central Top center: via Girl for Granted Top left: via Leo’s Oyster Bar Bottom left: via Pinterest Bottom center: via Brit + Co. Bottom right: Sagmiester & Walsh for Milly)


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