Creative Director Janu Flores Speaks at AIGA Cal Poly


Now What?! Getting Started on your Design Career

As designers, we’ve all been there. Getting ready to graduate from college and head out into the real world, and not quite knowing where to start. One of our creative directors, Janu Flores, visited AIGA Cal Poly last week to give a talk about how to make that transition easier. “This is all stuff I definitely wish someone had told me when I was just starting out. I had to learn a lot of these lessons through trial and error, but hopefully this talk will help younger designers go through fewer trials and way fewer errors,” Janu says.

Sarah Ching of AIGA Cal Poly (and one of our former interns —read her blog here) felt like the talk answered a lot of questions and eased some uncertainties.

It was a really honest talk that was encouraging despite how scary the topic was.

“It’s a reality that many of us will soon face, and it was reassuring and insightful to learn the perspective of someone who might be hiring or overseeing us, someone in a position many of us aspire to be in one day,” Sarah says.

Another student, Katie Steidl, said “Janu’s talk at Cal Poly was great. He did not candy-coat anything and was straight forward about what to expect after we graduate. His presentation was informative and funny, and he used relatable, real-life examples.”

Janu, who lived in San Luis Obispo for 5 years, was glad to be able to share some insights with the SLO design community. “What nobody tells you is that there are aspects of the design business that can be really hard. And being prepared for that is better than being completely blindsided.” He adds, “One of the biggest things is to learn from your mistakes but not dwell on them too much. I’ve made every mistake you can probably make, and I’m still trying to get better 10+ years in. It’s all about how you recover and move forward.”


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