Airstreams with Amenities: Tiny Living on The Open Road

Are you a free spirit who doesn’t want to be tied down? We know that tiny houses have been all the rage lately, but when your home has wheels you will know no bounds! As designers we’re always looking for new ways to innovate a space, take a look at some of the whimsical Airstream trailers that inspire us:

Blogger Sarah Schneider’s trailer, dubbed The Wandering Star, is a beautifully rustic and feminine sanctuary for her and her family to travel in. She even brings along lanterns and string lights to decorate the outdoor space when the trailer is parked.

Wander Kitchen

The Wandering Star (Photo credit: Sarah Schneider)

Wandering Outdoors

Robin Brown and her partner John take their stunning gypsy-meets-Versailles Airstream trailer on the road when traveling for their clothing business, Magnolia Pearl. Check out that bathtub!

Magnolia Tub

Interiors of Magnolia Pearl (Photo credit: Magnolia Pearl)

Magnolia Bed

Relator and vintage enthusiast Matthew Reader restored this retro Airstream into a 1960’s paradise, as it was meant to be. He still threw in a few modern amenities such as LED lighting and luxe designer upholstery to keep it current.

Retro Exterior

Matthew Reader’s shabby chic trailer (Photo credit: Lance Gerber)

Retro Interior

All of these spaces are excellent, but the one that speaks to us the most is The Luxe Lounge, a rental Airstream with contemporary interiors that can be used as a design studio or just a place to relax. If Noise 13 went on the road we’d definitely choose this trailer, just swap the orange for our signature yellow and we’re right at home!

Luxe Interior

Inside The Luxe Lounge

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these remarkable renovations and get ready to hit the open road!


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