For the Love of Yield!

Initially, Yield Wine Bar made it onto our Favorite Places in Potrero Hill blog post, but after some thought – we realized that this fine establishment has become an integral part of our weekly routine.  So much so, it deserves its own blog post!


Located in the Dogpatch, Yield Wine Bar throws a killer Trivia Tuesday that we frequent (almost) every week offering good wine, beer and snacks. And the pièce de résistance… Nic. Nic is our trusty trivia host whom love dearly. With his booming voice and annoyingly hard questions that garner more, “Oh, I swear I know this!” answers than real, actual answers… but we love him anyway.


As fate would have it, the night that we were armed with a camera and snapping photos turned out to be the night we won trivia for the first time! Trust us, we were as shocked as you are.


We found our sweet spot at 3rd place consistently last year, and let’s just say some weeks were a little rough for us in 2015, but we never gave up! Debuting our new team name last week, Quizness in the Front, Party in the Back (complete with a logo – did we mention we were nerds?), we were ready to get quizzical.


For the majority of the time, we’re busy filling out our answer sheet. At other times, we practice drawing cats.


With our host Nic after our victorious win!

Even more than the cozy decor and tasty wine and food, the good vibes and friendly competition keep us coming back for more each week. Huge thank you to all at Yield Wine Bar who host us and many others each Tuesday night. Without Trivia Tuesdays, the second day of the week would just be… Tuesday.



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