Favorite Places in Potrero Hill

We love our little neighborhood of Potrero Hill in SF. It has a cozy, community vibe, but not too cozy to borderline on boring. There are new restaurants, bars and coffee shops opening consistently, and we’re always excited to try them. Noise 13 has called this neighborhood home for nearly 4 years and we all have our favorite spots we frequent weekly, as well as a few newbies in the area that are welcomed additions.

On a particularly sunny week, we took some time to visit our favorite and most frequented restaurants, coffee shops and more. It was also the perfect opportunity to take our Faraday for a field trip!





Seriously one of the best breakfasts’ in SF and we’re just a few blocks away. Though we don’t go as much as we want to, we reserve Plow as a special treat and it never gets old. If you feel like you ate too much, just take a quick jaunt a bit further up Texas St. Guaranteed to burn off at least a few bites of lemon ricotta pancakes or the superbly crispy Plow potatoes.




Coffee & Goodies


Papa November

Ah, Papa November. What can we say really, other than express our gratitude to Paul and Najla for fueling our bellies and minds with much needed caffeine, treats and good conversation. Around 2pm the craving always sets in and a herd of Noisemakers disperse to the corner of Kansas and 17th. Insider tip: If you’re feeling extra indulgent, order a Granny Panties. Yes, we’re serious. This decadent drink makes a cappuccino even better with sweetened condensed milk. There are a few other secret menu items, but you’ll just have to become a regular and find out for yourself.



Front is a bit of a stroll, but great for some unique pastries (everything croissant anyone?) and delicious cold brew. The white subway tiles that adorn the bar, sleek retail items on floating shelves and precious succulents are everything your coffee loving, hipster heart could want.




Twirl and Dip

Supplying us with even more sugar is new addition, Twirl and Dip. Serving organic ice cream in all the classic flavors with the option to dip your cone in dark chocolate. Lately, we’ve been gravitating towards the ice lollies – homemade fresh fruit with, of course, the option to dip it in dark chocolate.






Market & Rye

Great lunch (and breakfast) options to take out or eat in. Market & Rye also has a robust selection of pre-made salads and sides to grab and go. We really really recommend the Cornflake Crusted Fried Chicken Sandwich. You can even get it wrapped in lettuce, without the side of guilt.




Dos Pinas

The best go-to in the area for Mexican food, and we’re not just saying that because it’s across the street. Yummy authentic dishes with tasty salsas. Don’t forget about $2 Tecates on Friday, we don’t.





McKinley Square or Jackson Park

Jackson Park and Mckinley Square are both great for a break from your computer screen or a place to have lunch al fresco. Take a stroll, relax on the grass… or roll in it.




Thee Parkside

Thee Parkside is close and perfect to grab drinks with a Noisemaker. Spacious outdoor patio and filling late night munchies. We recommended cramming as many people into the photobooth as you can, guaranteed good times. Insider tip: Try the carne asada tots. Now. We mean, right now. 



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