May Top 13: Well Designed Travel


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Travel often and organized with these 13 websites, apps, magazines and products. All with touches of beautiful design and effortless functionality to make your jet-setting life easier!


Eat This Poem, a website dedicated to bookworms that love to eat, offering guides to the perfect reading nooks, bookstores, restaurants… anything your hungry, book-lovin’ heart desires


Some serious inspiration can be found on Melting Butter – the online source for curated hotspots in NYC & around the world


Focusing on a different city for each inspiring issue, Boat Magazine offers both gorgeous photography and intriguing articles


Of course a little #clientlove… We highly recommend checking out AnyRoad, tailor made for the modern explorer, and Avital Tours in SF – both offer amazing tools and experiences to get the most out of your adventure


Search for your next flight or hotel on Hipmunk, good deals with a clean, easy to navigate design


Travel agency Black Tomato puts the y-o-u back into your vacation making sure each experience is unique


Feather+Flip offers carefully selected trip ideas, hotel reviews and more for traveling parents to ensure both adults and youngsters make the most of their vacation


Looking for a place to stay? Boutique Homes offers rentals for the stylish traveler, or trade homes completely at Love Home Swap


By answering a few questions about your trip, the app PackPoint will practically pack for you – it even checks the weather to make sure you’re bringing the right attire (now can we get an app that unpacks our suitcases?!)


Toss one back with this super useful carry on cocktail kit


…Or if you’re feeling a little dehydrated from your travels, store this compact water bottle, Memo Bottle practically anywhere, even your laptop case, while you’re off exploring


Tripcast, allows you to share your trip with friends and family so you can make them really, really jealous


Keep track of your travels in a more traditional way with this moleskin. And don’t forget the little ones if you have mini travel companions


Until next month!


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