April Top 13: Urban Planning & Design

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To celebrate Earth Day this month, our Top 13 is all about urban planning. As we know, all too well, an amazingly designed idea can change lives and spark important discussion. Our list this April is full of inspiring ideas to do just that for our growing, urban lifestyles.


Uneven Growth (running until May 25th), the latest exhibition in MoMA’s Issues inContemporary Architecture series, examines new architectural possibilities for six global metropolises


Smart, glow in the dark highways


Adding design, functionality and style to recycled freight containers – your next home or office space?


Inspiring redesign of the 11th Street Bridge Park in Washington DC, complete with interactive art, picnic and rain gardens, amphitheater and more


When in SF, keep your eyes peeled for a LIZ (Living Innovation Zones) – temporary installations on Market Street with the goal of activating public spaces by engaging and delighting passersby


Good for businesses, urban growth and your mood… Parklets are taking over empty parking spaces


Affordable, modern pop-up homes for young professionals


Turning ugly overpasses into thriving parks


High Line NYC: Converting each section of an out-of-use railroad beam into a beautiful, public landscape (additional shots of the park at sunrise here)


Contemporary expression of space made for traditional, cultural activities


Combining high-density residential development with tree planting in city centers, this Milan highrise is now home to residents and hundreds of trees


Architects unveil plans for the “Brooklyn Strand” to create more public space and increase walkability in areas that have been neglected


Designed in response to the local climate, Foster + Partners’ idea for a new transport system in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia made its debut in March 2015

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