15 Years and Counting

2015 = 15 years of Noise 13:

Some days I can’t believe we made it this far, then I remember how stubborn I am… and here we are, an amazing 15 years later. I’m super excited for where we’ve been and what will come next. During our rebranding process last year I took a peek back at office spaces, employee roster and expanding client list. I noticed how much Noise 13 has been a part of creating brands in San Francisco and how we have changed just as much as the city has.


We started out in a shared office in Union Square (just by chance, 13th floor) and moved farther out into SOMA for each move till we landed in Potrero Hill. Followed by big tech firms for more open space and better rent. From a team of two, Noise 13 also move to accommodate more staff, and more dogs. Currently a team of 14 we are in our best office space to date and hope to stay here awhile.

As for my team, I am so proud, not only of who works here now, but for those who have grown up and become leaders themselves. My first two full time employees are now the Creative Leads at Chipotle and Uber. Others have their own companies or fantastic roles at other firms. As much as I hate losing a piece of our team, I’m very grateful for their successes and happy when they pop in to visit.  In addition to their skills, I have always hired people that I want to spend time with. Working with people you like makes your workday that much more pleasant.

Noise 13 has worked with over 300 San Francisco/Bay Area clients since 2000 and over 50 others worldwide. Some of those have opened multiple companies, some are super successful, and others have closed, but all of them have been a part of who we are today. We have partnered with the big dogs like SunMicrosystems, Old Navy, Uber, and UbiSoft, small, local businesses like Photograph & Frame, The Archive, Living Greens and Ziesche, big exposure events like Eat Drink SF, as well as dozens of restaurants, wineries, and local services. From benefiting their neighborhoods to world wide take over, these clients have shaped our team and portfolio as much as we have shaped their brands.


As San Francisco continues to drive the future we will never forget that local is a huge part of our journey and will continue to be part of our future even as we reach outside for new collaborations. For the love of food, travel, collaboration and exploration that the Bay Area brings to people’s lives, we are forever a part of the San Francisco LIFE + STYLE!


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