the culinary epicenter

SF Chefs

branding, signage, website design, advertising, marketing, merchandise


The Noise team is thrilled to enjoy an ongoing partnership with SF Chefs, a cornerstone of the San Francisco food scene. A series of tasting events, parties and demos, the foodie lovers’ festival highlights the amazing culinary talent and resources available to us here in the Bay Area.


As part of a full-scale rebranding, we created a chalkboard-style logo and illustrations that bring to life the craft-focused and farm-to-table spirit of the event. Through the use of energetic yet earthy colors, along with chef headshots and Gamma Nine’s vibrant event photos, the collateral showcases the lively nature of the activities as well as the caliber of the participants. For the 2013 festival, our second year in a row at the helm of the brand, we brought a fresh look to our previous year’s work with updated clothing, invitations, badges, signage, and multiple print and digital ads.