The Pattern Pattern

February, 29 2012
Posted in Food and Beverage, Inspiration
Posted by Christine

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pattern. Whether on sweaters or sewer grates, I’m finding it everywhere I look. Where I’ve been noticing it more and more frequently, however, is in packaging. I admit, perhaps this is because I’ve been researching gourmet chocolates and candied nuts in recent months – there definitely seems to be a stronger pattern presence in the boutique consumable category. (We even employed this technique in our work for Laura’s Nuts — sneak peek above!) But what I find really interesting is the use of pattern as the main branding component of these packages. In several instances, the logo is kept extremely simple and minimal, letting the pattern shine as the most commanding visual element of the package. I’ve gathered some of my favorite examples on Pinterest — check them out here.

It makes sense, too … especially for the aforementioned industry. Take some of the more intricate examples: delicate, illustrative patterns evoke feelings of luxury and finery, reminiscent of posh furnishings and attire. Sometimes they have a vintage flair, alluding to an older time when high-quality and artisanal products were the norm.

Quality is also suggested by the diversity of patterns used across a single brand. This creates a sense of one-of-a-kind uniqueness, making each individual package feel more like a precious object, already gift-wrapped and ready to give to a loved one.

Of course, there are more modern takes on this trend as well. Less intricate, more geometric patterns are surging in design and fashion at the moment, and packaging is no exception. The treatment of simple triangles and squares can vary drastically in mood, from loud and playful to quiet and romantic. Photographic textures also provide interesting backdrops for simple logo treatments, and can range from literal representations of the product to abstract, artistic statements.

With so much flexibility and versatility, I’m guessing this pattern is here to stay. (Yes, pun intended.)

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