Originally shaped to neatly slip into the suited trouser pocket, the flask has long been the sneakiest way to sip your fine distilled beverage while out and about. Classic designs were made of metal or glass, but you can find newer ones made to pass the metal detectors. But since we’re talking design, I still believe the sexiest ones are of the metal variety. Sexier still are the ones slipped into a lady’s garter belt.

Of course, it’s easy to find flasks in every shape, size, and material. The versions in green or black from Stanley are perfect for a quick shot around the campfire (or to fit into your skinny jeans). There are larger vintage styles out of leather and silver for the classic man from Sir Jack’s. If you’ve got a good sense of humor, or wish you had great facial hair, I’d go with the “My Stache Flask” from Urban Outfitters. For the ladies, you can go classic with an embossed white beauty from Dwight and Murlene on Etsy, or white ceramic from Alexena Cayless in the UK. 

custom flaskJust for good measure, there are also tons of places that will customize your sneakiest drink with etching and design services for every occasion. Logo up for business gifts, or monogram and color coordinate them for weddings. My favorite of these options is a personalized message branded into leather from Moxie and Oliver on Etsy.

What would you keep in your sneaky little flask? Personally, mine is always stocked with whiskey. But I’m sure a mixed drink or any other fine distilled liquid would work just fine.

Some of my favorites can be found on our Pinterest board at Pinterest.com/Noise13/drink-me.

Originally published in Drink me Magazine issue 21

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