photo by Gama Nine

As you may have noticed, Noise 13 has been busy with all things SF Chefs for the last few months. We actually started back in March on the new branding for this annual event. Part of this process involved researching what makes SF such a great culinary hub. With as much as I LOVE food, this project was top of our list. The first thing we did was to send out a request to our chef and food industry friends asking their thoughts. What makes SF a great place to be a chef? Why is SF such a hub for food and beverage innovation? What is unique about the food industry in SF? I knew the answer before we asked, but it was nice to hear it from the people in the business:

1) access year round to great quality local produce & meats
2) communication, shared learning and friendship between industry pros
3) innovation and creative thinking within and between culinary & beverage industries
4) eaters who care about what they eat, where it comes from and how it’s made
5) community support for charities doing work with food and food access

Between volunteering with Slow Food, strolling the Saturday morning farmers market, and savoring bites & sips from around town or from my own kitchen… I agree with everything those industry pros were saying. I can’t keep up with all the new places that open each week in SF but I do try. Luckily there is Tablehopper and Eater to keep me up to date. Even beyond SF, the whole of the Bay Area is the suport and collective voice for good food.

Here are some upcoming events and community places to get good food in case you missed SF Chefs.

Eat Real Festival
SF Street Food Festival, presented by La Cocina
Forage SF’s Underground Market
- Classes & Events at 18 Reasons 
- Classes at the Cheese School
- and tons more listed on the CAFF events calendar 

I know all this food talk is far from what you’d expect see on a design firm’s blog, but it’s important to know how vested we are in the industries we work with. In order to create meaningful connection between a lifestyle brand and it’s consumers, we need to be those consumers as well. Food is on the top of our list, but it pairs fantastically well with wine, spirits, health, hospitality, events and even beauty and fashion. The same consumer that cares about what they eat also cares about the other.

Looking forward to more hospitality research on my upcoming and long overdue vacation/honeymoon as well. I do love research :)

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