Paper Possibilities

January, 11 2012
Posted in Inspiration
Posted by Christine

Here at Noise, we love paper. It only makes sense, since it’s the medium that frequently brings our designs to life. Below is a list of creative ways to use this ubiquitous, inspirational material.

Burst by Jen Stark

It’s always nice to see how paper can be pushed beyond its flatness. Jen Stark uses regular old construction paper to create mesmerizing, three-dimensional sculptures.

Pattern Matters 3D Infographics

We also love infographics. A lot. Here are some beautiful ones made of paper that pop right off the flat page.

In his novel Tree of Codes, author Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything is Illuminated, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) uses die-cutting to create a really cool and innovative reading experience.

Rainbow in Your Hand by Masa Ka

We’re all familiar with the flip book from our childhood days -- a petite animation made of multiple pages of slightly different images, right in our own hands. But did they ever create rainbows out of thin air? I think not.

Here’s more paper in motion, and perhaps another familiar trompe l’oeil that intrigued us as youngsters — the zoetrope animation. But now it’s on a bike wheel! Who wants to make one?

"Ready-to-wear-away" dress by Sylvia Heisel and Paper 9

And how about paper as attire? While not practical, it surely looks cool. At least this dress reveals messages to the wearer as it deteriorates.

North Korea Games Audience Hold Paper Signs to Make Visuals

Sometimes it’s hard to envision paper beyond its 8.5 x 11” footprint. But with a little color, organization, and shift of perspective, here’s what can happen. Incredible.

 DIY light project by graphic designer Gabrielle Guy

But what does one do with the waste that inevitably results from using all of this paper? Make a lamp, of course.

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