After a recent trip to Louisville, I have a new-found love for bourbon (though, I’m still a Scotch girl). As such, I have been exploring ways to show off all that honey toned goodness with a great spirits decanter. Decanters have been used for everything from wine to vodka, but I love the color of the sunset as seen through a glass vessel filled with golden liquid.

Finding the right decanter is all about personal taste. You can go vintage, choosing cut crystal or even antiqued silver. There are versions in white glass with teak stoppers, which look great, but you miss the color of the liquor. My personal favorite decanters have clean lines and heavy bottoms.

Decanters vary in size, but they’re usually intended to hold one bottle. While they’re mainly a throwback to the days where the store had a cask of booze and you brought your own container, decanters can also lend your spirits a little bit of oxygen, which can improve their taste. That being said, your decanter’s stopper must create an airtight seal, otherwise you might lose your precious liquid to evaporation. 

Decanters might not be as important to whiskey as they are to aerating your wine, but they definitely look fantastic on your sideboard, and pouring whiskey from a crystal decanter is a great way to channel your inner Don Draper. So be sure to glorify your home bar, big or small, with at least one fine decanter.

Vintage decanters 

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Originally published in Drink Me Magazine issue 20. 

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