It's made for me…Bespoke

January, 23 2013
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Posted by Dava

shirt collar

Back in the day, before mass production became the norm, fashionable people had their clothing “tailor made.” Fabric, style, cut, fit…it was all personalized. The British call something that has a high degree of customization “bespoke.”


While doing research for a client in recent months, we’ve learned a lot about bespoke. We’ve learned that this trend has grown far beyond Savile Row, the street in London famous for its men’s tailors. (Bond actor Daniel Craig, Bond creator Ian Fleming, and the character James Bond all got their suits there.) Nowadays you can custom build bicycles and snowboards, fragrance blends, messenger bags and iPad sleeves, eyewear, luxury automobiles, and just about everything in between.


Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly interested in how things are made and where they come from, and personalized translates to quality and value. Plus, allowing a customer to be part of the creative process and say “It’s made for ME!” helps create a stronger brand bond.

We’d love to hear about any bespoke products you love (or aspire to). And keep an eye on this site as we get ready to announce the launch of our client’s new line of customized beauty products.

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