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February, 19 2013
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Posted by Rachel


With the 84th Academy Awards coming up in a few weeks, I have movies on the brain even more than usual.  And while on Oscar night, I’ll be glued to my television watching who’s wearing who and who’s getting snubbed, what’s truly stunning about these films isn’t at all the awards shows — it’s the impact they have on audiences.  One of the results of this is fan art.

Fan art in the form of alternative movie posters have become a popular medium in the past years.  These posters have become such a big deal that there are now  complete websites devoted to them.  There are plenty of great posters to be inspired by, and I thought I’d share a few.  They aren’t all Oscar nominees, but like the Academy, we have our own tastes.

*Many of these are from independent designers and illustrators, so if you’re interested in purchasing their art, most of the links are for their respective sites!


Hugo Poster | Kevin Tong Bride of Frankenstein Poster | Kevin Tong

Hugo & Bride of Frankenstein by Kevin Tong


Alien | Dean Walton There Will Be Blood | Dean Walton

Alien & There Will Be Blood by Dean Walton


The Hobbit | Wes Talbott

The Hobbit by Wes Talbott


The Birds | Laz Marquez Funny Face | David O'Daniel

The Birds by Laz Marquez & Funny Face by David O’Daniel


Back to the Future I | shoottheglass Back to the Future II | shoottheglass Back to the Future III | shoottheglass

The Back to the Future Trilogy by shoottheglass

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