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December, 20 2012
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Posted by evelyn

Sometimes while working in an industry where fresh ideas are key, it can be hard to unlock the creativity in our heads. Although researching and talking to clients play big parts in brainstorming, there are moments where designers have mental blocks and the deadline is all too fast in its approach.

If you’re stuck with time constraints and limited access to your favorite quiet spot, browsing the internet for inspiration and ideas has always been helpful. Here are some sites that have been under our radar:

1. Plentyofcolour.com is a great site to look at for color combinations. You can search by color or through their categories, i.e. colorful places and spaces.

2. Designspiration.net helps those of us who want to search for specific examples or types of design through their database using keywords as filters for faster browsing.

3. Pinterest.com is a favorite of ours. It allows users to bookmark images and follow others in the system who have similar tastes. Users will then be able to see images from the people that they’ve subscribed to. This helps to provide a daily visual mood board tailored to the user’s interests.

4. Designtaxi.com offers daily updates on news from the design world home front. They also have a section of interesting articles to improve your creativity!

5. ffffound.com provides a vast range of images that never fail to fascinate and surprise us. They can range anywhere from animated gifs, fine art, fashion, or works of design.

6. Designboom.com also offers interesting updates of news on design from all over the world ranging from art to technological advances.

What are some of your favorite sites for inspiration?

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