I love the collaborative approach to design, and moodboards are a great way to get everyone on the same vision of style. How are you using moodboards? Share yours with us on our facebook page."/>


Setting the Mood

I have long been a fan of the moodboard and a collaborative approach to design. This combo of visuals is used to set the tone for a project, help a client understand the concept, and even to portray the type of person we are marketing towards. A moodboard can be made up of images, colors, textures, style of photography, type samples or any number of elements that help set the mood. At Noise 13 we use a combination of magazine tear sheets, online sources and our own photos and materials to create these boards. One of my favorite board sets are the ones we just finished for SF Chefs new branding (project in process).

Recently there has also been a huge popularity for other creative businesses to use this style of visual selecting to set the tone for their style, message, or just how they see the world. For salons: hair style boards to help clients choose but also to showcase the style of work that salon produces. For interior/fashion/jewelry designers: show clients a style, showcase inspiration or post final works. At Noise 13 we use Pinterest for color inspiration, themes of style, and client specific moodboards.  A few of the best online tools:

  • Pinterest is a huge collection of boards by theme
  • Polyvore allows the user to create a collage of elements and tag those pieces to their source online, very fashion focused
  • Olioboard is interior design focused
  • MimiStudio is a combo of the pinterest style and Polyvore allowing for board creation but with in a more structured grid
  • ClipPix for a more overall clipping to organize your online likes
  • Tumblr is one of the originals with in a blog format, not quite as focused as the new options but it does leave space for more flexibility


How are you using some of these boards? Share yours on our Facebook.

More news on Pinterest.


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